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Below you will find a listing of conferences in the area of innovative payments and regulation that the EMA sponsors or supports.

The Future of Mobile Payments in 2016 webinar

The Knowledge Group’s webinar about the Future of Mobile Payments will be run on the 13th of June 2016 between 12am and 2pm  

Robert Caplehorn, senior consultant at Flawless Money Ltd will be speaking about the following points:

  • clarifying scope of mobile payments for the webinar: app based bank account systems, POS systems, carrier billing systems, in-app payment solutions, virtual currency
  • financial services regulatory infrastructure as applied to mobile payments
  • blurring of distinction between on-line and POS payments

Read more about the webinar here.

Global Cards & Payments Excellence Conference 2016

Global Cards & Payments Excellence Conference 2016,

Enigma CG’s conference to be held from 9-10 November 2016, Dubai, UAE

Don’t miss the opportunity to catch up with the Electronic Money Association (EMA) representative, discussing the future of cards and payments in a panel discussion.


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Engima CG’s Global Cards & Payments Excellence 2016 is an exclusive platform for the banking, payments & retail industry wherein the stalwarts of the industry from across the globe will gather under one roof to discuss & deliberate on the challenges & opportunities in the sector. The conference spanning over a course of two days will witness power-packed presentations, thought-provoking round table discussions, informative panel discussions, rapid fire shark tank session (where the industry vendors will be given a chance to talk/introduce their upcoming technology & launch/showcase it to the audience) and Q&A sessions.

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ACAMS 12th Annual AML and Financial Crime Conference Europe

Thaer Sabri, the CEO of the Electronic Money Association joined the workshop panel, discussing overcoming AML Compliance Challenges Related to Emerging Technologies. The workshop was held on 23 May 2016 in London.

The panel did address the following:

  • the unique compliance issues associated with emerging FinTech businesses
  • developing effective due diligence procedures to mitigate financial inclusion risks related to mobile payment platforms
  • evaluating the AML policies of your FinTech partners to assure compliance with EU regulatory obligations

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Open Data in Finance conference and workshops

Open Data in Finance conference and workshops are held on the 14th and 15th June in central London.

Dimitrios Markakis, the IT security subcommittee chair for the EMA, will be taking part in the security, standards and governance panel. Dimitrios will address data protection, data ownership and frameworks that allow the secure exchange of data among PSPs. The aim is to deliver innovative payment services while maintaining the confidentiality/integrity of payment account data.

Read more details on this conference here.

3rd International Conference on E-money, Cards and Payments

3rd International Conference on E-money, Cards and Payments

3rd International Conference on E-money, Cards and Payments held on 18 – 19 May 2016 at the Lindner Hotel Gallery Central, Bratislava, Slovakia.


Dr Qazi Jalisi, Senior legal adviser for the Electronic Money Association took part in a discussion on “Payments Evolution/Revolution – payment technology for banks and alternative service providers of today and 10 years in the future”. He also gave a presentation on anti-money laundering.

Dr Qazi Jalisi in a panel discussion at 3rd Int'l conference on e-money, cards and paymentsRead more about the conference here.

EMA 2015 conference sound bites from Payvision

EMA 2015 conference – The impact of payment regulatory changes in Europe

The 5th Electronic Money Association conference (EMA) took place in October 2015, in Brussels. The bi-annual event facilitates a two-way conversation between regulators and EMA members on the upcoming legislative changes in European Economic Area (EEA), such as the Revised Directives on Payment Services (PSD2) and Fourth Money Laundering Directive (4MLD).

View the EMA 2015 conference sound bites from Payvision here.

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Meet Thaer Sabri, the EMA CEO at Money 20/20 Europe

Money 20/20 Europe, held between 4-7 April 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Don’t miss the chance to meet there Dr Thaer Sabri, the EMA CEO! He will be representing the Electronic Money Association (EMA) in a panel on innovative payments in a complex regulatory environment.


Read more here about the event.

EMA conference 2015: EU and global payments regulation

The Electronic Money Association (EMA) held its 5th EMA conference in Brussels on 20-21 October 2015 at the Metropole Hotel. The conference explored issues raised by the new legislation in the EEA.

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New legislation impacting payment services in the EEA has raised as many questions as it has addressed. This includes the Fourth Money Laundering Directive (4MLD), the Fund Transfer Regulation (FTR), the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), and the Interchange Fee Regulation (IFR).

The EMA conference 2015 took a close look at the issues that have not yet been resolved or which will now be considered by the European Banking Authority as they draft technical standards or guidelines. The conference did focus on other provisions that open up new areas for business, or conversely that have the potential of creating barriers for business.

The conference also took a broader look at regulatory developments in the payments space across the globe, as well as at the regulation of new and emerging payment technologies such as digital currencies.

Speakers included Dr Taiji Inui from the NTT DATA Corporation in Japan, Dr Mehmet Yurkcicek from the Turkish banking and regulation supervision agency, and Wolfgang Maschek, head of EU regulatory and public affairs at Western Union, among many others.

A printable version of the conference programme can be downloaded as a .pdf file (2.85 MB)

Read more about the conference.

Money 2020 Las Vegas

Money20/20 is the largest global event enabling payments and financial services innovation for connected commerce at the intersection of mobile, retail, marketing services, data and technology. With 10,000+ attendees, including more than 1,000 CEOs, from over 3,000 companies and 75 countries, expected at its 2015 U.S. event, Money20/20 is critical to realising the vision of disruptive ways in which consumers and businesses manage, spend and borrow money. The next Money20/20 will be held in Las Vegas, October 25-28, 2015, followed by Money20/20 Europe in Spring 2016.

Watch the introductory video to Money2020 Las Vegas:



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Thaer Sabri at 3rd Annual Mobile Wallet 2015



Thaer Sabri, the EMA CEO was representing the EMA moderating the panel, discussing the role of regulatory bodies in the introduction & growth of mobile wallet solutions.

Event: 3rd Annual Mobile Wallet 2015
Date: 18-21 August 2015
Location: Jakarta | Indonesia

Event Description: Focusing on the latest initiatives for mobile wallets and insights on consumer and retailer’s adoption & awareness, the 3rd Annual Mobile Wallet conference has addressed the key factors in implementing a successful business model and players’ collaboration to accelerate scale and adoption in mobile wallets in Asia, with a special focus this year on Indonesia’s market. The conference not only provided a single platform for market trends, insights and networking opportunities, it has convened international and regional key players to exchange ideas on innovative approaches driving mobile wallet initiatives in Asia.

For more information, please click here: